We are a team of academics who research cultures out of the School of Languages and Cultures at The University of Queensland.

Our research follows our deep understanding of language to investigate cultures via the avenues of heritage, memory and trauma studies; intellectual and cultural history; literature; and film and visual cultures.

Dr Natsuko Akagawa – Heritage studies with a focus on transnational communities, displacement, violence, trauma, identity, memory, emotion, politics, communities, and cultural tourism.

Assoc. Prof. Tomoko Aoyama – Modern and contemporary Japanese literature (anti-naturalist movement circa 1910, parody, Russo-Japanese War literature, literary daughters, food in literature), older women’s humour in contemporary Japanese literature, film, and theatre, and Japanese girls’ manga.

Assoc. Prof. David Chapman – Cultural and social history of the marginalized in Japanese society, human rights in Japan and Asia, citizenship and national identity in Japan and surveillance and the law in Japan.

Assoc. Prof. Helen Creese – Balinese textual and literary traditions, Balinese history and historiography and gender, drawing on indigenous textual traditions written in Indonesian, Balinese, Old Javanese as well as colonial sources in Dutch and French.

Dr Roberto Esposto – Latin American studies, Latin American Spanish studies, Argentinian Philosophy.

Dr Lucy Fraser – Animal-human relationships in Japanese fiction, fairy tales and fairy tale retellings in Japanese and English, and ideas of gender in contemporary Japanese literature, manga, film, and television.

Prof. Greg Hainge – Twentieth-century French literature, Critical Theory and Continental Philosophy, Film Studies and Noise.

Dr Joe Hardwick – French cinema, French “existentialist” literature, Narrative theory, Queer theory, and Cultural studies.

Rebecca Hausler – Transcultural studies, Japanese cultural studies, Australian studies, World War II, Japanese internment, Contemporary literature and film.

Dr Amy Hubbell – Francophone autobiographies of exile and trauma, terrorism testimony, hoarding memory, exile and nostalgia.

Dr Isaac Lee – Critical analysis of Korean language textbooks and curriculum, postcolonial drama in Korea, language policy, multiculturalism in school curriculums, North Korean defectors, as well as Korean identity issues in China and Australia.

Dr Yuriko Nagata – Japanese diaspora in Australia and Pacific, Gendered perspectives of Japanese Diaspora, The Japanese community of Torres Strait, Culture in Japanese language studies, Cultural and social diversity in Japanese language material

Dr Annie Pohlman – Indonesian history and politics, comparative genocide studies, torture, gendered experiences of violence, and testimony studies.

Dr Guy Ramsay – Discourse analysis and narrative analysis in mental illness and related disorders in China and the Chinese diaspora.

Dr Sol Rojas-Lizana – (Critical) Discourse Analysis, Trauma and Memory Studies, Perceived Discrimination, Critical Translation Studies in the Spanish discipline.

Dr Geoff Wilkes РGerman literature of the Weimar Republic, the Nazi era (especially exile literature) and the immediate post-war years, and is a practising literary translator.

Dr Akiko Uchiyama – Japanese translation studies, postcolonial translation theory, gender in translation, girls’ fiction in translation and the history of translation in Japan.