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Ex:Centrics Series: Scott Walker and the Song of the One-All-Alone

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Submission by: Prof. Greg Hainge

Released earlier this month is the newest book in Bloomsbury’s Ex:Centric seriesScott Walker and the Song of the One-All-Alone by Prof. Scott Wilson.

This work focuses on Scott Walker, a prolific composer and lyricist, formerly of “The Walker Brothers”. Prof. Wilson’s text offers his readers a detailed interpretative commentaries of Walker’s best songs, as well as a sustained assessment of the work and career of Scott Walker. The publisher notes that Walker is “one of the most significant and perplexing artists of the late 20th and 21st century”, making this work important not only for those in the fields of music and sound study, but for those in popular culture studies, or simply for devotees of Scott Walker’s music and work. “Looking closely at [Walker’s] songs, this book also considers the wider political implications of his approach in its rejection of external authorities and common or consensual ideals” (Bloomsbury). Continue reading “Ex:Centrics Series: Scott Walker and the Song of the One-All-Alone”

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Acclaimed Japanese Poet Hiromi Ito to visit University of Queensland

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Submission by: Assoc. Prof. Tomoko Aoyama

Internationally acclaimed Japanese poet Hiromi Itō is one of Japan’s most important highly regarded poets working today, having won a number of prestigious literary awards since her poetry debut in late 1970s. Born in Tokyo, Itō travelled extensively to the USA, and eventually moving there in the 1990s, where she worked exploring new genres and subject matter for over two decades . In recent years, Itō has returned to Japan, where she is currently working as a Professor of literature at the prestigious Waseda University. Continue reading “Acclaimed Japanese Poet Hiromi Ito to visit University of Queensland”