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The Importance and Intangibility of Heritage


Dainichi-dō bugaku godai sonmai by Wc018 via Wikimedia Commons

Post Submission by: Dr Natsuko Akagawa

We often talk about heritage in relation to our familial and linguistic connections to countries, with these connections passed down from generation to generation. However, as the ABC recently reported it only takes three generations for many migrant families to lose their native tongue, leading some to suggest that Australia is a “graveyard of languages”. In order to understand how these cultural and linguistic linkages become muddied or even lost, it is important to look at the bigger picture, how the memories and objects in the world around us become elements of heritage to which people relate and hold dear.

Dr Akagawa, considers these questions and more in a number of publications that investigates the nature of heritage as it applies to people, nations and global interactions, and more specifically, the important links between heritage conservation and national identity. Continue reading “The Importance and Intangibility of Heritage”

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Brisbane to host the 50th Academy of the Humanities Symposium – “Humanising the Future”

photo of bridge and buildings during golden hour
Photo by Valeriia Miller on

Submission by: Prof. Greg Hainge

Brisbane is proud to host the Australian Academy of the Humanities 50th annual symposium, which includes free public events, from 13-15 November 2019. The Australian Academy of the Humanities is Australia’s national body for the humanities, advocating for the contributions of art, culture, and the humanities make. As an organisation, the Academy of the Humanities provides a number of valuable services including,  independent and authoritative advice (including to government agencies) on policies, projects, research, and reports to ensure ethical, historical and cultural perspectives inform discussions regarding Australia’s future challenges and opportunities. The Academy also ensures that excellence in the humanities disciplines are recognised and promoted through international engagement and research collaboration. Continue reading “Brisbane to host the 50th Academy of the Humanities Symposium – “Humanising the Future””